Photo by    ©    Jerry Coli

Photo by © Jerry Coli

Tom Brady has won his 4th Super Bowl in the last decade and his career will wind down soon. Now what? 

Create a personal brand!  And, leverage your own (and supermodel wife’s) social media accounts to maintain top-of-mind status in order to insure future endorsements or business opportunities.

Tom’s new personal brand is TB12 (he is #12 on the field). Guess what colors his branding consultants chose for him? If you guessed red, white and blue (think Patriots, mom, and apple pie) you are correct!  The font, a very, very clean and simple sans serif for his name and the icon above combines the TB and the #12.

Ad Week quoted Tom’s brand consultant, Adam Padilla as saying in regards to crafting Tom’s personal brand, “Don’t fight against nature.  Tom Brady is a clean-cut, all American, square-jawed, handsome guy. You can’t make a graffiti logo or something that’s too conservative or wild”.

Although not identical, the brand’s font immediately reminded us of the American fashion house, Tommy Hilfiger whose color scheme is also red, white and blue. Check out the logo.

What do you think?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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