In the art world there are forgeries that only trained experts can discern. But, when it comes to authenticity in your personal luxury real estate brand most people can spot a fake from a mile away. Authenticity is the key to longevity in your business. 

If you are a lover of pop music you certainly can appreciate the originality and authentic voice of singer-songwriter Adele.  She has sold over 40 million albums worldwide and has won numerous awards including a Grammy, Golden Globe and Academy Award for “Skyfall”, from the James Bond film with the same name.

This year a new talent emerged to take the top awards, Sam Smith. His golden voice is pitch-perfect.  When you hear Sam, it is clear that you are experiencing the depth of his soul. You hear his truth.

What you are striving for with your personal brand is authenticity in every communication you have with current and past clients, prospects and also with your entire potential referral base.  The clients you want are those who can discern the real deal, the genuine article.  You do not want the ones who can easily be fooled by a false front, a mask, or a people-pleasing façade.

The message from a personal brand that is phony will sound and feel discordant to those who value authenticity. It takes guts to put your authentic self on the front line.  But, in the long run you will strike the right chord with your ideal clients.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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