This morning, Ron was up early at 6:30AM.  He sat down and wrote personal emails to our entire list of contacts.  He finished at 2:30PM with a couple of breaks and a half an hour for lunch.  With just one click,  he connected with the world at large.

Today,  he traveled to the European Continent to Paris, and Nice.  He touched base with our friends in the Middle East who live in Bahrain and were in Qatar teaching Reiki. It just so happened they were talking about us and sharing their memories with their students.

He sent messages to our French cousins whose work has re-located them to Tel-Aviv in Israel.  He also sent greetings to Shanghai, China to our media partner. India was part of the tour also, as one of our dear friends was doing business there. He moved on to San Jose in Costa Rica, Central America, and also sent good tidings to Australia.  

North America was well represented, with Canada on our minds today, as he sent greeting to friends there.  He sent good wishes all over the United States, to Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, Philadelphia, Texas, Michigan,  Wisconsin, Colorado, Nevada, Washington State, Hawaii, California and more.  

The responses flowed back with appreciation and love.  It was time well spent; just a block of 5 hours to share our Holiday and give thanks with one click!  He had a blast doing it, and we enjoyed reading the responses. 

As he told our friends across the world, you don't have to be an American to spread thanks and love.  It is a natural state of mind, regardless of your origin! 

Wishing you all a delightful day filled with love and thankfulness! 

With Love, Thanks and Appreciation to all our readers, we will be toasting all of you on Thursday evening.


Ron & Alexandra