When marketing luxury real estate keep in mind your brand’s power of self-expression that can convince potential clients to hire you.  Consumers look for brands whose cultural meanings match who they are or want to become.  These brands sustain and communicate their social self and identity.

For example, when it comes to selling luxury real estate, many feel that hiring a Christie’s affiliate or a Sotheby’s agent enables them to feel that they are part of a prestigious European auction house. This powerful attraction for self-expression is so strong that it can at times override the decision of hiring the most competent agent for the job. 

In order to fully understand the power of self-expression in branding, consider the merchandising power of the James Bond franchise.  The newest film, Spectre, has an array of product placements to trigger purchases that can give fans their “Bond moment”. Months before its scheduled release the N. Peale cashmere sweater, worn by James Bond (Daniel Craig), sold out. 

Aston Martin has created a unique car for the film, called the DB10, and they are selling a limited edition of 150. Jaguar’s C-X75 also has a starring role as does the Range Rover. Spirit brands like Bollinger, Belvedere and Heineken are also among the many brands represented.  All of these brands are betting that fans will identify their products with Bond’s suave and debonair persona and find self-expression by purchasing them.

Does your personal or company brand provide an opportunity for self- expression?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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