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We got a call from our dear friend and partner that he was about to tune in to watch the Apple unveiling of its new products. It was for us two hours of wows!  Even if you don't like Apple products, there is so much to learn by watching their presentation.  

Every aspect of the presentation, whether verbal or video was polished to perfection.  Every word was thought out to be the best word possible, and the same for the video presentation.  Every person called up to the stage by Tim Cook, Apple CEO was flawless in their presentation.

We are particularly excited about the new phones, IOS8,  and Apple pay.  What is distinct about Apple Pay is that all the information is only available to your bank when you use your credit card or debit card.  

That is the only entity that will have access to your data.  This clearly differentiates Apple from those who are garnering your data, spending habits, and this clearly answers our concerns on the subject of privacy.

The watch is a work of art in our opinion in terms of functionality, design and personalizing.  Neither one of us uses our watches at this point in time.  However, both of us are open to perhaps one day wear an Apple watch.

Innovation is something that thrills us to no end.  We love it!  In our opinion, Apple is one of the most innovative companies in the universe at this moment in time.  

They definitely set an example as to what it means to be on the leading edge, and they inspire our work with real estate agents and luxury brands world wide.

Tonight, we will make a toast to INNOVATION with a glass of wine!  We always, have time for INNOVATIVE THINKING & SPIRIT!  It makes us that much better.

If you wish to view the Keynote simply click on apple,com.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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