Adams, "The Tetons and the Snake River" by Ansel Adams

In a previous post, we discussed incorporating your brand’s strategy in the design, making it user friendly and having great content.  What about the look and feel of your website?

When we work with a luxury real estate professional, we create a color palette based on their personality, their niche, and target market.  These three aspects of personality, niche, and target market have to blend in a cohesive palette.  The blend is important.  The object is to have the web visitors identify with the web site and enjoy using it.   This color palette is used for the brand colors, the navigation bar, and other details on the site. 

Great photographs are worth a million words on your website.  They tell the story of your marketplace better than words can.  Study the photography on resort brochures, or those on Architectural Digest or Veranda magazines.  Look at how they show a home, and study the shots of the various rooms in the featured homes.  Some of you may have great photographic skills, but if you don’t have it, hire a top-notch professional, for your listings.  All your clients deserve the best. 

Give your marketplace its due with great lifestyle photography also.  Study the outdoor photographs of Ansel Adams. Note the above photo is of the Tetons and the Snake River. Our latest website for one of our clients in Santa Barbara has included photos of surfing, and the polo games.  Be like the chamber of commerce for your marketplace, romance it, and show off the best of your community so that your target market falls in love with it.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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