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Here is what we have gleaned from sitting in on numerous photo shoots with some of the top portrait professionals, and what you can observe from looking at movie posters when the stars are featured as part of the advertising.  The eyes are the “windows of the soul”.  Notice that Angelina Jolie’s eyes tell the story of her as the evil character.

Do wear a favorite business outfit, appropriate to your market place, that is comfortable, and you love.

Do use a makeup artist for the shoot. This also applies to men.

Do hire a professional portrait photographer. Interview to make sure you will be comfortable working with that individual.

Don’t strike a dramatic pose, (with your head to the side) remember this is not an audition for a role in a soap

Don’t cross your arms. It is a signal that you are unapproachable and set in your ways

Don’t pose with a phone in your ear. This says, I am too busy for you!

Don’t pose with your dog, cat or horse. This is a case of too much information

Don't pose with your significant other, if they are not in the business with you.  Don't pose with your child/children, it confuses the onlooker.

One of our favorite photographers in San Francisco taught us the art of the business head-shot.  His business head-shots illustrate these principles, the eyes tell the story.  In the photo shoots, he would ask our clients to tell him about their real estate practice, and what they loved about it.

He would urge the smile to their eyes, and this would make the perfect business head shot, and sometime we left it at that.  The smile was just in the eyes, the teeth were not needed.  The photo would communicate the warmth, openness and competence of the agent.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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