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Last October, we wrote about a new store in Beverly Hills that was under construction. We were impressed by the attention to detail in the graphics on the construction barricade, because it clearly articulated the brand story of Nespresso, the luxury espresso coffee machine company whose parent company, Nestles, pioneered the coffee capsule trend.  

The barricade captured our attention, which is the first step in capturing mind share. But, it was only a mild curiosity. We had no interest in purchasing the machine at the time.

Then, on a subsequent trip to Beverly Hills, and prior to the grand opening, we were able to get a glimpse of the inside of this magnificent store that seemed to be at least 4-5,000 square feet.  It was like an Apple Store for espresso coffee makers and coffeehouse combined.


Our curiosity was peaked.  Why did they build such a large store, especially with so many other coffeehouses like Starbucks within just a few blocks in the Beverly Hills “Golden Triangle”?  

Months later, we are unexpectedly the proud owners of the red machine pictured in the window. We feel that this could very well be the 2014 Language of Luxury brand of the year!

In this article series we will take you on our journey from being skeptics to self-appointed brand ambassadors. You will also understand why we are recommending the Nespresso Virtuoline as an excellent closing gift for your luxury real estate clients who are coffee aficionados and also for YOU!

Part 1   l   Part 2   l   Part 3   l   Part 4   l   Part 5

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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