This Easter is an extraordinary time of alignment. It is one of those times when the Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar are in agreement on Easter dates.   Perhaps this is could signal a new era of unity and cooperation, which includes all religions. 

My family (Alexandra) celebrated Easter in accordance to the Julian calendar.  Here is the logic of the Julian calendar: Christ celebrated Passover with his apostles, therefore according to history, Easter had to follow Passover.  Passover started on April 14th this year, thus the dates are aligned this year.

We occasionally watch 60 minutes if the stories are of an uplifting nature.  This past Sunday, they profiled Pope Francis and his Herculean efforts to reform the church and re-examine its dated doctrines and rules.  Under scrutiny are the Vatican bank’s unethical practices, premarital sex, divorce, acceptance of gays, and more.   

Francis has insisted on a lifestyle of a common priest and has asked for his flock to bless him in his leadership role, rather than vice versa.  One of Francis’ best friends is Rabbi Sikorka, head of the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary with whom he co-authored, On Heaven and Earth. This touched our hearts and gave us hope.  It would be so wonderfully luxurious  for all religions to co-exist without strife and appreciation of each other’s values and tenets.

Happy Easter, Passover, and Everything else you are celebrating.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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