A couple of years ago, we had a client who boughta real estate firm.  This was a change and an evolution of the original model.  Would the original brand work to accommodate 14 new agents?  Could they identify with it?  Was a name change needed?  We worked on the evolution of the brand as a full service real estate firm, instead of a single individual.

A new client wanted to dissociate herself from the short sale niche she had been extremely successful in during the real estate downturn.  She wanted to return to the luxury arena.  Another client wanted to update his brand, because it was time to reflect his growth and new focus.  Many firms have done that, UPS, Apple, American Airlines, and recently Restoration Hardware.

The store is now known as the RH Gallery. Here is a quote from their Chairman Emeritus, Gary Friedman: "One of the key strategies that sets RH apart is its approach to inventory. While most retailers design things in-house, RH created a different model. "We have one full-time designer. We are more curators than we are retailers. We find artists we love and 'curate' that person. We source the world." The new focus of RH is engendering the creative and innovative spirit in all home furnishings.

Does your brand still represent you, today?  Or does it need to be refreshed to reflect your evolution and your path?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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