Black is often the default brand color of luxury.  Black is associated with power, class, formality and prestige.  However, keep in mind that black is not the only color that communicates these nuances.  In branding yourself as a luxury real estate professional, black may not be appropriate.  For instance, if you are selling homes in a resort location, black is not necessarily the right color for your brand.

When people travel to a resort location, they are thinking of relaxing.  Formality is the last thing they want, as they are escaping from their cities.  Whenever we have worked in second home locations, we have discouraged black as the dominant brand color. We have encouraged our clients to adopt the colors of their marketplace, and not their favorite color which may be black.

Conversely, in the city, (New York, San Francisco) black may be the perfect brand color.  If you are working in the Hamptons, New Yorkers' get away place, black is inappropriate, and the same goes for San Francisco where their getaway is the Napa/Sonoma Valley.

In some cultures, black is the color of death and mourning. It is also associated with mystery, magic, nightime.  Resort living connotes a happy, daytime environment and a casual nightime, no black tie needed.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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