Recently we were asked to join a group of “purple agents” (we are substituting the word “purple” for the actual category) real estate agents to advertise on their site.  Positive attributes were enumerated about the added value of purple people and their contributions to society.  We did not join the group. 

One of the conditions of a real estate license is the equal housing opportunity act which clearly delineates that discrimination of any kind is unacceptable. Why would a group of real estate agents and brokers want to band because of their color, gender, et al?  Is it to appeal to others like them?  Would that mean that if you were purple, you would not work with orange sellers and buyers?

Yesterday, we met with friends (purple, green, orange) in Beverly Hills who are savvy in real estate and business. We asked, how they made the choice of selecting a real estate agent.  If they were orange would they go to the orange real estate agent because of a kinship in color, rather than a purple one?

Hiring by category (purple, orange, etc.) was not an option for our friends.  They feel that this was a dumb way of judging people.  One or our friends remarked that when you put yourself in a category, you cut yourself off the rest of the world. Their hiring criteria are: respectful and capable real estate agents, and those exist in every category.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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