Hyper-Personalization is emerging as an important marketing trend in 2015.  It may seem obvious but the level of personalization has eroded with the advent of the Internet.  Most companies have become reliant on automatic personalization, rather than the genuine article. We touched upon this trend in a previous post stating that in marketing real estate, no one size fits all

Studies done by the Aberdeen group; which surveys individuals and groups as to their decisions and experiences have shown that 75% of customers prefer when the message is personalized. 

People will more likely open an email or letter if it is personally addressed, rather than a salutation that reads “dear friend, or dear property owner”.  They are more likely to pay attention and to engage with you, if they feel that personal touch.  It can increase traffic, and conversion from lead to sale on your website.

The first software we bought for our commercial real estate company was for customer relationship management.  We kept detailed profiles of our clients and sphere of influence.  We knew their children and pets’ names, their birthdays, their anniversaries, their hobbies, and their likes and dislikes.  

Our assistant knew when to send birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc.  When the holidays would roll around, we would create a list of individualized gifts for each one of our clients and sphere, which were budget friendly. 

For instance, golfers would get a subscription to a golf magazine.  We like subscriptions, because for 12 months they remember you, and you are top of mind.  One of our friends collects Christmas ornaments and is a foodie.  Last year we found a copper sieve ornament at Williams Sonoma, which pleased him to no end. Rose gardeners would receive the newest bare root rose.   It was always a pleasure to hear how much they loved the new rose, year after year. Our coffee experts were sent an annual subscription to some of the world’s rare coffees, and the same for our tea drinkers.

Our strategy is giving gifts to delight the receiver.   It took more time on our part to find the perfect gift, for each person.  It was time well spent.   We created relationships through personalization that still exist long after we moved.  No one gifts fits all!

How can your hyper-personalize your marketing in 2015?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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