We enjoy champagne for celebrating New Year's Eve as well as special events and times.  We also love  discovering champagne brands that are superb  yet not well known, because they come from smaller producers. They are also not as pricey as the well-known premium brands.

We were introduced to Champagne Tornay by the owners of the Wine Grotto in Montecito.  Champagne Tornay dates back to the 17th century and is family owned, has 50 acres of grapes, and keep enough wine to make 100,000 bottles.  We loved every sip of it, it was everything champagne should be.  We highly recommend it.

If your resolution is to be delightfully svelte in 2014, here are two digital aids to keep on the straight and narrow.  You can buy a digital fork for a $100.  The HAPfork will vibrate in your mouth, and flash a red light if you are eating too fast.  Nutritionists recommend a 10 second interval between bites.  For more info, here is the link to the WSJ article.

For your personalized workout, you will need the latest app called FitStar.  This App uses data about your fitness and tailors workouts videos for you.  You can report to FitStar the results of the workout, whether it was too easy, just right or way too much.  Here is more from the WSJ article.

We wish you all a delightful New Year, and may all your wishes, resolutions, goals be fully realized! 

Cheers, Ron & Alexandra

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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