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Do you want to stand out from your competition and become the breakaway luxury real estate marketing brand in your area? The most effective real estate personal and company branding involves identifying an uncontested or under served market niche that you can dominate.  But, to become the breakaway brand you must offer a remarkable value proposition that catches the attention of the media and sparks word-of-mouth advertising or “buzz” among your fans.  

With the Internet making real estate market information ubiquitous most luxury real estate marketing professionals find it very difficult to differentiate themselves from their competition.  They are usually hard-pressed if asked to articulate how they are different or better, how they stand out.   If you are having this challenge, you are not alone! 

Another word for market niche is market “category”.  Categories are easy to understand in the restaurant business: fast food, Mexican, Chinese, steak house, etc.  You can imagine how difficult it is to find an uncontested restaurant category if you just think about the usual suspects.  Most restaurant categories are usually over-crowded in larger towns.  But, here is a example of how a new restaurant in Santa Barbara, California has positioned itself to become the breakaway brand in an uncontested new category. 

Recently, a friend of ours told us about a fantastic new informal breakfast and lunch only restaurant in Santa Barbara called The Shop.  It looks like a fast food restaurant where you order from a posted menu and they bring your order to the table.  You can sit indoors or on a patio with picnic tables and umbrellas.  But, the quality of the fresh ingredients, and the caliber of the menu items, including home-baked breads, is what you would expect at a full service restaurant for double the price. 

The four owners of The Shop identified a much-under served market:  Foodies who want the quality of “slow food, fast”!  They really struck the right chord with us.  We needed a lunch place that had great food with an original, varied menu that was inexpensive enough to visit often.  They must have read our minds. We have become raving fans.  Evidently, we are not alone as the place is packed every day, so we learned it was best to get there before the crowds. 

Did you pick up on how The Shop is able to articulate, in just three words, their new brand category in Santa Barbara as well as their extraordinary promise of value: SLOW FOOD, FAST? They really thought this through and that makes it easy for fans to spread the word.  It facilitates word-of-mouth advertising, which is one of the most important reasons to get your personal or company branding spot on in your luxury real estate marketplace.


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