There is a trend emerging among luxury real estate buyers when it comes to their second or third homes.  As a luxury real estate marketing professional, have you heard any outcries from your clients about their need to get away from it all? Many buyers are now looking for beauty and solitude: no email, no cellphones and social obligations.

In the US, the state of Maine has over 4,000 islands that offer the perfect getaway.  These islands are accessible by boat from the mainland.  Some of these islands have no plumbing, power lines or paved roads.   Many of these buyers build homes that are self sufficient with solar power, composting toilets, and gravity driven cisterns for drinking water.

According, to, “The majority of American private islands properties are located near the eastern seaboard, especially in Maine, New York and Florida. Islands for sale in the US range from tropical Florida Keys to rugged lodges in Alaska”.

Internationally, there are some interesting places for the total getaway, according to the Wall Street Journal.  Here are some of their choices for truly remote locations:

  1. The Kimberley Region, in Northern Australia
  2. Langkawi, Malaysia
  3. The Northern Coast of Ecuador

It would be a good idea to get acquainted with luxury real estate marketing professionals who are specializing in island properties nationally and internationally, so that you can be in the know, when your world-weary client wants to get away!


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