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As a luxury real estate marketing professional, generating word-of-mouth adverting is of paramount importance to your practice. But, for some reason people are more generous with their complaints about service than their compliments. So, when you personally receive remarkable service, go out of your way to spread the good word. You will discover that you attract more clients that will do the same for you.  Besides, it feels good to promote what you value the most.

Recently, we decided to convert all of our computer equipment and devices to Apple products for seamless interconnectivity.  But, the idea of setting everything up, networking, scheduling back ups, syncing documents, media, calendars, contacts and email was daunting. Fortunately, within a few blocks of us was a small company who specialized in this, and they made “house calls”. 

Within three hours our entire wish list was complete and we were ready to go to work with the latest and greatest business equipment, totally stress-free. This saved us a tremendous amount of time that would have been spent on the phone with Apple Care.

We wanted to tell all of Santa Barbara about our new friend, Tobias.  Then, we discovered that his company is not just a local service business.  His small global company, iPower Resale Group, specializes in resale of overstock, open box, refurbished, and used Apple hardware. He can deliver 1 or 100 units as soon as same or next day to small and large firms or to consumers.  Now, we can tell the world about Tobias!

For example if you are interested in purchasing a laptop for your college-bound kid, but you did not want to go full pop for a Mac Book Air, iPower Resale Group can ship you a new 11” Mac Book Air (the previous model) for $699 instead of $999 for the latest model.

Remarkable service cannot be overstated in any service sector. Become someone who is willing to go out of your way to rave about great service and watch how others will discover yours!


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