It is important for anyone involved in the Luxury Real Estate Marketing game to stay abreast of the trends.  In this series, we will be discussing the marketing trends that are leading the way in the business of luxury marketing and luxury real estate marketing.   One of the continuing trends we have been observing is the strong and effective return on investment of targeted snail mail.

With the advent of e-mail, the ease of jotting a quick note, and the no cost aspect, we are all being bombarded by email.  As a result many of these emails are getting lost and go unread or are relegated to junk/spam mail. 

What continues to work in the luxury industry is targeted snail mail campaigns for luxury auto makers and other purveyors of luxury goods and services. In order to bolster sales, Audi and BMW sent out beautiful oversized postcards and brochures to people who own other luxury autos to encourage switching brands by coming in for a test drive.   Tiffany and Cartier sent personal letters signed by the store managers to their target market.   Both of these campaigns resulted in new customers in the door as well as sales. 

In luxury real estate marketing, many of our clients regularly send oversized postcards to communities/streets with luxury homes.  The cards are beautifully designed with compelling images that are worth a second look.  Some homeowners were so impressed that they had them on their refrigerators, and others put them in their purses to show friends over lunch.

The response has been great.  The homeowners have called our clients to discuss selling their homes, and/or buying a new one. In some cases, homeowners have passed the card to a friend looking to buy a home in the area.  A personally written hand-written note on beautiful stationary thanking the homeowner for taking the time to hear their listing presentation has clinched the listing for many of our clients.

Targeted snail mail will increase the probability of getting a luxury real estate listing as it speaks volumes.  It says that you understand the language of luxury by taking time to write a note personally and treating people luxuriously.  What a great way to stand out !


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