As a luxury real estate marketing professional it is important to keep up with luxury marketing ideas that are outside the real estate field, as they can inspire and refresh your marketing approaches.  Here is an ingenious idea to lure the movie going public engaged in actually going to movie theatres, rather than waiting for Netflix or other on-demand channels to release the film.

This year at the New York City Food Film Festival, popcorn will not be served.  At the movie “Whiskey: The Islay Edition,” a story about the importance of single malt scotch to the island of Islay, scotch will be served along with a bacon wrapped steak. At the Chicago Food Film Festival there will be a presentation of  “Mozzarella, Inc.,” a documentary about two young Italian Mozzarella salesmen in London, and fresh mozzarella will be served.

Not to be outdone, at the first annual Minneapolis, Feast for the Eyes Film Festival they plan to feature local food and micro brews with their film lineup.  This will include new movies such as “Now Forager,” a story set in the New York restaurant milieu that features mushroom hunting (foraging) as a setting for falling in love.  No doubt wild mushrooms with be part of the goodies served.

How can this translate to luxury real estate marketing?  One of our clients in the wine country has new wine tasting at her office by invitation only. She serves an array of hors d’oeuvres made by one of the celebrity chefs in town.  This has created great buzz for her business as well as listings and sales.  Now that is a tasty marketing strategy!


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