Are people following your luxury real estate marketing blog? Are they watching your videos? If you do it right, you can build an entire personal brand and a large audience around your blog and videos. However, if your content is ordinary, meaning unoriginal or generic (content available on many sites and from many other sources) or just outright boring, you will not stand out as a worthwhile read.

You may at some point become number 1 on Google, (thanks to your SEO and the Google’s robots that drill the web), but will that number 1 equal referrals and new buyers/sellers?  Will the reader of your posts bookmark or subscribe to your blog, and come back to read your next installment?  Google has been besieged by complaints that they are ranking sites with “canned” content higher than those with meaningful “original” content.  Google has responded by making changes in their algorithms that are aimed at sites with what it calls "low quality" content: just enough information laden with keywords to appear in search results. If your luxury real estate marketing web pages or blog posts fall into this category of low quality, beware! Your natural search engine ranking could slip.

Here is a recent example of the power of original content.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, last Monday, an eight year old novel, Cloud Atlas was ranked 2509 by Amazon.  On Friday, it moved to 7.  The meteoric rise was attributed to Apple releasing the trailer to the movie on its iTunes website. 

"Almost as soon as the trailer went up, we saw chatter on Twitter and sales on Amazon really jumped," said Jane von Mehren, publisher of trade paperbacks for the Random House Publishing Group, a unit of Bertelsmann AG's Random House Inc.

“To cash in on the renewed interest, Random House has ordered a new paperback printing of 25,000 copies, to hit stores before a special movie-tie in edition of the book is released in September." WSJ 

The trailer which is 6 minutes long is a buzz worthy video, which translated into sales and results. How can you translate your blogs into referrals and leads?   Here are 3 tips:

1.      Write content that is useful, relevant, fresh, and informative for your marketplace

2.       Write content that is uplifting and newsworthy

3.       Write content that is comment worthy, follow worthy and share worthy

Generic luxury real estate blog content indicates that the blogger lacks imagination and therefore lacks the marketing savvy required to win listings or sell expensive homes. Remember this:  robots have no sense of humor; they leave no comments and do not share. They do not get uplifted. But, they do know when your content is fresh or original!  Focus in on those tips and see how you can improve the quality of your content, and you unleash the power of Social Media.


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