The branding goal for luxury real estate marketing professionals is instant brand recognition. When you first saw the image above in this post, what thoughts came to mind?  First, did you recognize the brand?  If so, how long did it take you to recognize it? If you are like most people who are attuned to popular culture you know that this is James Bond’s logo and you recognized it in a Nano-second.

Isn’t it amazing how three numbers and a gun can communicate such a potent message?  That message is spy story (suspenseful action-adventure with international intrigue).  It conjures images of the main character in the story that has mass appeal. He is an archetypical action hero who is suave, debonair, charismatic, sexually attractive, a lady’s man, with tongue-and-cheek humor, who is bent on protecting mankind from evil.

Likewise, the words, “double 0 seven” have a similar impact. So do the first seven notes in the James Bond sound track (brand perfection in 7 notes). That image, the words and the sounds have made an indelible impression in your mind over the years and will likely be accessible to your recall for life. That is the power of branding! 

This is the 50th anniversary of the famed James Bond franchise.  The 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, is coming out this winter, starring Daniel Craig. The James Bond fan club is global. Are you thinking of seeing it?  

Marketing luxury real estate at the level of market leadership requires that you establish an indelible brand in the minds of your target market.  It requires instant brand recognition to sustain market leadership.  How strong is your brand recognition?


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