Photo by Samrat 35/Lotus Temple in New Dehli, India

As a luxury real estate marketing professional it is important to stay focused on the luxury market and its trends.  One of the emerging countries in the world is India and its appetite for luxury goods and services has been insatiable.   Our nation’s Asian Indian population has exploded over the past decade, far outpacing the growth of other Asian groups, according to 2010 Census figures.  So if you are working with an Asian Indian individual or family, you need to know about Vastu. 

In Sanskrit the word “Vastu” means dweller/dwelling.  It is India’s form of FengShui. “In Indian architecture, the dwelling is itself a shrine. A home is called manushyalaya, literally, "human temple". It is not merely a shelter for human beings in which to rest and eat. The concept behind house design is the same as for temple design, so sacred and spiritual are the two spaces.” From Wikipedia

Add Vastu to your vocabulary as we say in The Language of Luxury. Get Fluent, Get Affluent.™


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