More often than not the first impression you make with new prospects, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, occurs the first time they encounter your website.  Are you making a lasting first impression or are you forgettable? 

It is human nature to rely more on sight than any other mode of sensory perception.  That is why excellent graphic design is so important in capturing and holding the attention of your website visitors.  Great design is your sure-fire method of making a lasting first impression.  It is an integral part of capturing significantly more leads especially when it sparks a positive emotional response and resonates with the values of your website visitors. 

In the course of marketing luxury real estate, how can you expect to capture an online lead if you cannot first capture the attention of your prospect? People do “judge a book by its cover” or wine by its label or products by its packaging   This is true particularly when a recommendation from a trusted source is not a factor in the buying decision or when choosing a service professional. 

We recently found two wineries that exemplified this principle by incorporating metal in their labels, something we have never seen before.  These bottles definitely stand out which is exactly what you need to do if you expect to capture and hold the attention of your web visitors. 

Keep in mind that your competitors’  sites are just a click away.  That is why it is imperative to  grab your visitors’ attention with compelling graphic design.  But, even more important than a great look, your graphics must communicate the essence of your brand values. Ideally, your graphics should tell the entire story of who you are in a nano-second!  That is the true test of great branding! 

If you want to be the standout in your marketplace your website must make a strong, positive first impression. Otherwise, you and your website become forgettable.   

Are you unforgettable?


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