As luxury real estate marketing professional, it is a great idea to keep a list for closing and housewarming gifts. Our criteria for gifts of this nature are gifts that create a buzz and get people talking about you in a positive light.  We spotted these pineapple plants at our local Trader Joe’s.  

 This beautiful plant has throughout the history of the American continents symbolized a warm welcome and   hospitality.   In his writings Christopher Columbus described landing on the Caribbean island of Guadalupe where he and his sailors were served pineapple. 

In Colonial America, the pineapple expressed the warmest welcome a family could extend guests in their homes.   A pineapple was used as the center piece of the dining table and would be served as the dessert.   The pineapple symbol of friendship and hospitality was adopted by architects, artisans and craftsman of this era.  Mansions and homes adorned with carved wood or sculpted stone pineapples on its gates or doors announce the hospitality of the owners.

Although this plant will not ripen as a fruit indoors, (they may outdoors in a warm climate) its beauty and symbol will be appreciated, and you will be remembered.


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