Steamboat Springs has a reputation as being one of the friendliest resort towns in the USA. The townspeople have a tradition of genuinely caring for each other, an “Old West” ranching tradition, that is engrained in the soul of the community. And, they are proud of it. Come Winter Olympics the entire town gathers to send off their local Olympic athletes. If a neighbor needs help they are there to help them. 


According to Stephan Baden,”What is distinct about our community is that we are both a ranching community and a world class ski resort. This diversity, plus the diversity of people who have moved here from all over the world makes Steamboat Springs a great place to live and to raise a family”.  

“We were a community before we had a ski resort, not the other way around, states Ulrich Salzberger  If the mountain blew up we would still be a community. Our rugged ranching heritage runs deep in our psyche. It is said with great humor, that the only people who wear ties in Steamboat Springs are out-of-town attorneys and sales people, and we really do not need any of them.  This is a town where unpretentiousness and friendliness prevail; there is no class distinction or age distinction”.

Arlene Zopf  says, “In our community, people of all generations are into the outdoor lifestyle; it is not just for the young. Steamboat's Over the Hill Gang has a ski program that is the only one of it's kind in the country. They offer guided skiing for anyone over the age of 50 at no charge, daily, throughout the season. Participation is open to anyone, even if you are not a local member. You always feel totally welcomed when you come back home to Steamboat Springs. Everyone smiles and says hello!”

According to Chris Paoli, “The vigorous outdoor lifestyle does attract a  bright, young demographic to Steamboat Springs, those who are athletic and choose to live here year-round.  Cam Boyd says, “We notice that Steamboat Springs, with its outstanding schools, attracts quite a number of younger families, especially those whose careers are location neutral or those who are interested in starting new ventures.  Many small,local, lifestyle-oriented businesses thrive here such as Smart Wool, the makers of outdoor clothing and Honey Stinger, the nutritional protein bars”.

“In Steamboat Springs mother nature definitely plays favorites, says Nick Metzler, Our unique topography, our lower elevation and geographic position create four fabulous seasons. In addition to our strong sense of community, it is our climate that makes our town distinct from all other ski towns. Because we have little wind,  our Champagne Powder® lasts longer in the winter.  Our Chamber of Commerce claims 300 blue sky days a year with lots of sun. Our summers and falls last longer. In spring it is green like Ireland while the tops of the mountains are still white with snow”.

According to Jon Wade, “Steamboat is just far enough from Denver that people do not commute here that often. As a result, it is a lifestyle destination not just a weekend getaway.   Kids spend more time outdoors and get involved in more outdoor activities. Many of their friends are traveling around the world in Junior Olympics. They meet other kids from all over the world, who participate in this program.  It gives them a great perspective and creates the sense that anything is possible”. 

Although it is not adjacent to a major city, Steamboat is easy to get to by plane. “Our local airport is just 20 miles away”, says Doug Labor.  There are direct flights from several major cities to Steamboat Springs.  Compared to many mountain resort towns our airport is relatively easy to access even in challenging weather”. 

 Pam Vanatta  sums up the Steamboat Springs lifestyle when she says,”It is easy to get here and live in our  small community. People are genuinely friendly and they are happy!”

Photos Courtesy of the Agents or Brokers Interviewed