We were fortunate to be invited to consult on the local and international marketing of a beautiful luxury residential development project on the east side of San Jose, in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.  From the Central Valley it is an hour to an hour and a half drive to either the Caribbean/ Atlantic coast or the Pacific coast.  The mild climate is consistently in the low 80’s with relatively low humidity.

Our experience in meeting our clients and the various people we were introduced to was nothing less than enchanting.  When discussing the various aspects of the project, each individual in charge was passionate about their expertise.  In planning the site, the developers agreed to keep all the mature trees and bushes intact and incorporate them as part of the common areas. This included the coffee trees which had migrated on the property from the coffee bean plantation next door.  The landscape architect also decided to identify the trees and plants by both their Spanish and Latin names.  There are walkways designed to explore the grounds and benches to sit on where you can reflect upon the magnificent flora.

Our strongest impression on this adventure was the friendly nature of the people we met.  Everywhere we went, kindness and acceptance was abundant.  Time was not a pressing issue in the many meetings we attended.  There was no sense of urgency or the feeling of being rushed.  What was more important was feeling good about each other.  

We asked our new friends, colleagues and clients, “What makes Americans and Europeans move to Costa Rica?”  Here is what they said, essentially: “We have a strong sense of family, a deep caring for each other, and a slow paced lifestyle.  Our people are well educated with a 94% literacy rate. We are also pro-business as we attract many companies who want to move here.  These companies are aware of the value of an educated work force”.  

Intel was offered as an example.  They had identified 10 cities where they could open offices in the South and Central America’s.  With everyone wooing them, Costa Rica was not even on their radar.  The people rallied, as did the President and all other luminaries, to convince Intel to choose Costa Rica, which they finally did.  Now, Intel continues to grow and expand there.

Advising our Costa Rican clients on marketing luxury real estate was a sheer delight and we have made some wonderful friends in the process.  We encourage you to reach out and connect with your counterparts in this fine country.


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