Imagine a world class ski resort with no traffic or long lift lines, and no driving once you've arrived.  That is Telluride, Colorado. The Telluride Historic District (the majority of the town) is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is also one of Colorado's 20 National Historic Landmarks.


According to TD Smith, “Telluride is a rejuvenated mining town that still has its roots as a community first and a resort second.  The developers were very sensitive to the importance of providing ample housing for locals who work at the resort.  There is no pretentiousness or glitz here.  We co-exist in a laid back, uncrowded environment where everyone can enjoy the scenic backdrop of the mountains and the active lifestyle”.

Jim Jennings explains this phenomenon in this way, “People who otherwise would have zero in common have a blast together at our annual Blue Grass Festival, for example”.  The event can be sold out months in advance!”

George Harvey says, “Telluride is stunningly beautiful; it takes your breath away. Ironically, one of our best attributes is the challenge to get here.  Most people arrive in Telluride via Montrose Regional Airport, located 67 miles to the north which has direct flights from many major cities.  The upside is that no one bothers the affluent visitors and home owners who deliberately choose Telluride for its leisurely lifestyle; those who treasure their privacy yet want to participate freely in our fine community. Children can roam around town and parents and grandparents can know they are safe. We have a free taxi cab service in Mountain Village seven days a week, so you can enjoy that extra glass of wine with dinner and not be concerned about driving home.”

According to Erik Fallenius, “Telluride is known not only for its magnificent setting but also for its charm. We are a pedestrian town; you do not see cars here. We have two unique communities: Telluride and Mountain Village. The two towns are connected by a free gondola, the only transportation system of its kind in North America. A 15 minute gondola ride takes you up to fabulous mid-mountain restaurants all year long with spectacular views along the way.  The free bus system, called Galloping Goose, makes a complete loop around the town”.  

According to Nels Cary, “We are the youngest of the major ski resorts.  It is not commercialized; there are no national chains, no neon lights.  The closest stoplight is miles away. It feels like a mountain town, not a tourist town.  We have a fully trained volunteer fire department comprised of community members who have participated for years”. 

Steve Catsman says, “Telluride is a beautiful place to work, to play and raise a family.  It is particularly exciting in the summertime when over 10,000 people come to visit and partake in the many cultural events that are featured here.  That is a lot of people for a town that is only ½ mile wide.   For skiers and snowboarders, the winters are great. Lift lines are virtually non-existent.”   

“For many people Telluride is a relaxed getaway that is now widely recognized as an all-season resort”, says Lars Carlson.  He adds, “In the summer, there are festivals just about every weekend including Mountainfilm and the Telluride Film Festival.  The outdoor lifestyle is a great way to meet cool people.  The raw beauty of the surroundings and the quaintness of our mountain towns are unparalleled”.

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