What are the sweet spots in your business?  What are the most fruitful aspects of your luxury real estate marketing practice?  What is working to produce results consistently?  These are the questions that can get you focused on what works and know what needs to be discarded or pruned from your winning formula.

Once you are aware of the fruit bearing sources of your business, it is important to strengthen these sources.  A business can be likened to growing a fruit tree.  You need to prune and feed a tree in order to produce a healthy and bountiful crop.  The main reasons for pruning a tree are increased productivity, health and aesthetics.

It is crucial to your success to prune all those unusual solutions and business practices that that has not borne fruit—the time wasters.   Think of your luxury real estate practice as a money tree.  You need to eliminate all crossed branches that are at cross purposes to your success. 

Pruning may be a horticultural practice, but it truly does apply to marketing luxury real estate. Are some of your clients draining your energy and your resources by distracting you from those activities that bring you the best results?  It may be time to prune some of those toxic clients. If you are a broker, is it time to prune the dead wood in your office, the non-producing agents on your team?  These questions may sound harsh, but it is the health of your business and your own health that is at stake here.

Without pruning you cannot see the orchard through the trees!  Pruning lets in the light and allows for better air circulation which prevents disease as well. Your luxury real estate marketing practice should be a thing of beauty. It should be healthy and it should be bountiful.  Let in the light!


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