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We just got off the phone with our SEO/SEM expert, and he mentioned that consistency and fresh relevant information is the key to maintaining a high ranking on Google.  That made us think of one of our favorite restaurants in Santa Barbara, which is Cielito in the La Arcada center.  Last Friday, after an arduous week, we decided to have dinner there.  They exemplify consistency and fresh relevant interesting food. 

The picture you see above is of their new appetizer, a crostini with avocado mousse topped with "uni"  aka Santa Barbara sea urchin, topped with microgreens and tobiko (fish roe) with a wasabi dressing. They change the menu to reflect the season's availability, and whatever is on the menu is brilliantly prepared.  We also tasted their chicken mole, and we both agreed it was the best mole we have eaten.  It had just the right hint of chocolate and spice.  We have been there for lunch and dinner, and we always walk out delighted and surprised at another new taste.  Of course, the service is superb, the wait staff works as team and they are all knowledgeable.

As a luxury real estate marketing professional, your web content/blogging has to be relevant, fresh and consistent, so that your readers will look forward to the next installment.


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