As a luxury real estate marketing professional you can distinguish yourself from the competition with a great slogan.  The slogan is effective when you can distill in a few words the essence of your brand.  How are you distinct from your competition?

In the highly competitive world of auto insurance, there are many slogans.  One company is expressing its unique promise of value using this slogan:  “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”  Here is Mercury Auto Insurance’s slogan: “It takes more than a good neighbor to save you money!”

State Farm is promising neighborly personal service when you have a claim.  That is nice. Isn’t that what is expected from any insurance company?  Mercury Auto Insurance is saying that they are not just a good neighbor, they also save you money. Being a good neighbor is important, but isn’t it more important to save you money?   

In the smaller competitive world of Farmers’ Markets in Central and Southern California, one of the growers has this slogan, “No baloney just vegetables”. In a venue full of organic vegetables, fruit, etc, this has no validity except for expressing a sense of humor.  

A slogan has to be so compelling that in an instant it can communicate its value.  In women’s shoes Donald Pliner has a slogan which distinguishes his brand from other shoes made in Italy:  “Made in the Mountains of Italy”, which evokes an instant emotional response:  the notion of craftsmanship and attention to detail in a small town rather than in an industrial city such as Milan.

What is great about all the slogans mentioned here is the brevity of their communication.  The key is getting the entire value proposition condensed into just a few words.  That is the art of slogan writing which is what we strive in our strategic branding practice.


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