In our previous post, we discussed ease of use for the consumers as one of the important keys to enhance your web site.  Once the ready minded consumer contacts you, what is your response time? Availability and response time go hand in hand.  If both are not in harmony, the consumer will go on to another site.   According to Gary Beerman, vice president of Alert Site, “The Industry standard is that a brand’s website has to load within four seconds, or the probability that the consumers will leave the page is quite high.”

If the response time is more than 5 minutes, the probability that the consumer will leave the site and go to a competitor’s site is also high.  According to a survey generated by Lead Response

When a lead is contacted in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes, it will produce a significant increase in qualified leads that have the potential of closing.

The best time to call to qualify a lead is mid to late morning (not before lunch) and late afternoon (4-5PM is best 5PM-6PM is OK).  The best days to follow up/qualify are on Wednesday and Thursday. The worst days are Monday and Tuesday.  Friday is good to make contact, but not to qualify.

It is a good idea on your web contact form to have a form which asks the prospect their communication preference, i.e., email, text, or phone.  Asking that question ensures the beginning of a fruitful relationship.


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