Another leading trend  in the affluent sector that impacts luxury real estate marketing is the growing technology IQ of the affluent consumer.   The affluent consumer has become tech savvy, and understands the value of the internet as a source of original knowledge and up to date information.   

One of the most effective ways of marketing yourself on line as a luxury real estate marketing professional is to blog.  The old paradigm for blogging was to write posts that are laden with keywords interspersed with some relevant content, all for the purpose of extracting “Google Juice”. It also encouraged reposting the same post and changing a few words here and there. This type of blog (beloved by the Google robots) could definitely get that for you and may even catapult you to the coveted #1 position.  It will not build an audience of raving fans, which is the primary purpose of blogging. In fact it is a turn off, and it works against you.  No one wants to be treated like a robot.

 What today’s luxury consumer is looking for in blog posts is consistent, original valuable information, making them savvier about your marketplace.  They are looking for “insiders” insights, the newest and latest information.  A post that reviews a book written by a local resident as well as an invitation to a reading by the author would be an example of content marketing (pull marketing).  This type of engagement creates subscribers, grows audiences, referrals and a call to you from a potential buyer/seller. 


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