From a branding standpoint, there is a huge difference between a trademark and a “Trustmark”.  If market leadership is your quest, this distinction is of paramount importance. 

Trust is the expectation that promises will be kept. Trust is earned by the demonstration of kept promises.  In the context of market leadership trust is the consistent delivery of an extraordinary promise of value that results in achieving top-of-mind status in a given product or service category (or a niche within a category).

Obtaining a trademark is relatively easy.  But, it takes the constant, steady, unswerving delivery of your unique value proposition to build a dependable, reliable name for yourself or your company, a brand that your target market can trust over time.   Only when your reputation becomes highly regarded on a consistent basis does your trademark transform into a “Trustmark”.

In the realm of luxury brands there is a full spectrum of highly regarded Trustmarks that range in categories from small indulgences to extravagant products and services.  See’s Candies, an example of a small indulgence, is a market leading company that has consistently earned the trust of millions of people for over 90 years.  Every time you purchase candy at See’s you get a free sample and the quality is always a constant.

Hermès has been a trusted name in high-fashion, perfume and lifestyle accessories since 1837 and enjoys an impeccable reputation for standing behind their products.  A young woman recently brought in a saddle to a local Hermès store that needed its stitching repaired.  Although, the saddle was purchased decades ago by her grandmother, Hermès repaired it at no charge.  Stories like this one exemplify the level of legendary service that can always be expected at Hermès.  And, that is what makes the difference between a trademark and a Trustmark.

As a luxury real estate marketing professional in pursuit of gaining or sustaining market leadership, building a personal or company brand that becomes a Trustmark vs. a trademark should be one of your primary goals.  How can you develop a reputation for legendary service and consistently deliver on your extraordinary promise of value?


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