It is interesting to consider that some luxury real estate marketing professionals are struggling to build a momentum of business while others are feeling overwhelmed trying to manage the abundance of business that they have attracted.   Each feels out of control, but in different ways.  Both feel like their business is running them instead of experiencing the surefootedness of running their business.

No matter how big you get, running a successful luxury real estate marketing practice is continuous balancing act.  First you have to get in balance. Then you have to maintain it.

If you have not yet found your winning formula, experimentation is the route for you. Only self doubt can keep you immobilized and feeling out of control. Keep trying different approaches until you find out what works, consistently. Then, once you have discovered your winning formula stick with it. Eventually, you will build up a momentum of success and break through.

But, it is very tempting to deviate from what works.  In fact, it may seem quite boring to continuously repeat the winning formula.  In a Broadway play or musical they have a term call “freezing” when they lock in the winning formula, including all of the music, the lighting, the special effects, the final script, etc.  Everything is mapped out and repeated over and over again for each performance.  Only minor adjustments and improvements are considered at this point.

One set of circumstances that can catch you off-balance is when a “right hand person” leaves you for whatever reason.  Think of a cast member in a play leaving. If a cast member leaves there is a completely documented “formula” that the new cast member must memorize in order to fill the role.  It the same manner a new hire should be able to get up to speed quickly if there is a well documented formula for that person’s position. 

Cast all doubts aside. Discover your winning formula.  Then stick with it.  This is the surest way to gain or regain your balance.


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