An iconoclast is a person who challenges conventional wisdom and traditional beliefs, and often shatters the very foundations upon which traditional, institutions rest.  Iconoclasts are  some the of best examples of personal branding and are worth studying if you are interested in standing out as a luxury real estate marketing professional.

David Foster, also known as the “Hit Man”, certainly is an iconoclast and a “one-man-brand”.  As a record producer, composer, songwriter, and singer, he has won countless Grammy Awards and has introduced many artists who have gone on to be superstars in their own right like Josh Groban and Michael Bublé. 

His roster of clients include Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Natalie Cole, Mariah Carey , Cher , Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Madona, Prince, Shania Twain, Donna Summer, Kenny Rogers, Chaka Khan.   Most recently he is guiding the career of Jackie Evancho, the eleven year old child protégé with an operatic voice who “sings like an angel”.

Foster won his first Grammy for “After the Love Is Gone” by Earth, Wind and Fire.  Since then he has worked with many bands including Chicago, Destiny’s Child, and the Bee Gees.  He even won a Grammy for the best Broadway musical cast album of Dreamgirls.

In an interview on PBS where his “Hitman Returns” TV concert has recently been airing to help with fundraising, he had something very interesting to say about his “secret” to such a long successful career.  He said that work keeps coming to him; he does not go after work. He just lets it come to him. 

This is one of the best descriptions we have heard regarding the phenomenon that occurs when a person is operating their career “in the zone”, or what we call “operating spot on one’s authentic brand signal”.  Foster “expects” to continuously create mega hits. And, so do the artists who hire him.  He expects to deliver and they expect results.  That is his secret for success.

When you are fully operating on your authentic personal brand signal it feels exhilarating. It is like singing in perfect pitch, in your best key, expecting the best outcome.  Incidentally, David Foster is actually one of the rare human beings who have perfect pitch, musically.

Tuning into your authentic brand signal is one of the most important keys to your own success in marketing luxury real estate. If you then maintain the steady, stable state of positive expectation, the expectation of attracting business, the way will continuously present itself. And, it will start to feel perfectly natural and normal when business keeps flowing your way.   Reach for this state of mind and, like the Hit Man, great results will surely follow.

If you haven’t already seen his TV concert you can catch most of the numbers on Foster's You Tube Channel here. We think you will truly enjoy the experience of seeing an iconoclast at work.



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