Articulating your personal point of view is the essence of personal branding.  The process of personal branding involves zeroing in on what is distinct about your personality and also your unique promise of value. Then it is a question of expressing the sum total of what your target market can expect when they work with you both graphically and in just a few words.  If branding is done right your ideal clients will quickly know that you are exactly the right match for them and it should accelerate the speed of trust.

Personal branding must also quickly express your expertness and your authority in your chosen category of business.  The more sharply you define your niche the faster those who specifically seek your advice or service can find you.  Let’s take the example of TV cooking show hosts to illustrate how this works.

Rachael Ray is the “girl next door”.  That is her brand.  Quick easy meals or meals on a budget when you travel, that is Rachel. If you want to learn how to cook Southwest style Bobby Flay is your man. If you want to learn about great comfort food that can be found in diners and dives, Guy Fieri is the guy for you.  His barbeque sauce is available in the supermarket and it is terrific.  Rachel and Bobby would be off their personal brand signal to market this product.

Here are some questions that are included in the application if you want to audition for the Next Network Food Star and compete for the prize of getting your own show. 

  • What is your favorite genre of food?
  • What is your least favorite cooking style and why?
  • How do you put your own personal twist on recipes?
  • f I were an ingredient, I would be ______________. Why would you be that ingredient?
  • What is your all time favorite ingredient and why?
  • What ingredients and/or foods do you absolutely hate and why?
  • Clearly describe 3 of your “signature dishes” that best represent you and/or are most popular with your friends/family/clients. Tell us WHY they represent you so well.
  • What are your top 5 ORIGINAL cooking/food/ingredients tips that demonstrate your food knowledge?
  • What is your unique “Culinary Point of View”?
  • Why do you want your own food show?
  • What about your background would make you a unique finalist on the show?

By far the most important question here is about your personal point of view. This is your slant-the essence of what makes you stand out from your competition. It is essential when crafting your personal brand that it expresses who you are, authentically.  You cannot be all things to all people and you cannot really please those who are not a truly a match to you.

What is your personal brand recipe?  What is your personal point of view?



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