To achieve and sustain top-of-mind status in your marketplace as a luxury real estate marketing professional, you need a plan that you can implement consistently. Sure, you can create a publicity stunt that grabs attention and thrusts you into the limelight for “15 minutes of fame”.   But, the surest way to stay in the minds of your target market is through spaced repetition of promotion.  That is why some of the traditional media tools, like “Just Listed & Just Sold” postcards, still work.

When we first opened our commercial real estate firm in Beverly Hills/West Los Angeles, we started with just three listings.  But, these listings were situated at high profile, highly trafficked intersections. Within days we were hearing comments like, “I see your signs everywhere”.  

But, once you get their attention you need to keep it!  So, here is a plan to consider.

When you get a listing you have some news about which most of the neighbors are interested.  This gives you an opportunity, an entrée, a reason to communicate and a reason to be received. While a postcard may be the easiest way to stay in communicate, why not take the opportunity to introduce yourself directly to the neighbors?  That’s right; if they do not live behind private gates, knock on their doors!  

Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting, not even online “face-time”.  Think about it!  If your niche or farm has, say 2000-3000 households, you only need to achieve and sustain top-of-mind status in that many households. You only need to meet and make a favorable impression on a very finite number of people to be extremely successful. If you elegantly introduce yourself in person, the subsequent postcards that you send will reinforce that positive first encounter.  

Most agents are mesmerized and distracted by social media today.  They are trolling for contacts, when the most important contacts, the ones who can actually send them business are right under their noses. Give your mouse a break and grab some door knockers instead!


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