In the field of marketing luxury real estate, one of the true tests of the market leader is the ability to quickly and concisely communicate your extraordinary promise of value. Another test is the ability to articulate the most compelling and unique aspects of your marketplace. 

In our area, Santa Barbara, California, one of the most charming attributes is the influence of Mexican culture in architecture and design.  For example, the 10th of the California missions, the Santa Barbara Mission (known as the Queen of missions) was founded on the Feast of St. Barbara, December 4, 1786. Over two centuries later, the Mission is still very much alive.

The Mexican cultural influence can also be seen in many of the hotels, and commercial buildings in downtown Santa Barbara.  The steps depicted in the photo above are part of the central shopping center on State Street, El Paseo Nuevo.  A different tile design was used for each riser of these steps.  The Mexican motif in tile work focuses on deep rich colors - reds, cobalt blues and dark yellow. Earth tones are also used to convey warmth and a convivial ambience.   

The finest Mexican ceramic tile, Talavera, is 100% handcrafted, hand glazed and hand painted.  Many homes in the Santa Barbara area reflect the Spanish Revival Architecture and utilize Talavera title in kitchens, baths and moldings.  It is said to be timeless and sets a mood of comfort in the house vs. a more formal feeling. 

The semi-tropical climate and the proximity to the mountains, beaches and ocean, in Santa Barbara, lend itself to an ambience of relaxed & casual luxury.  And, that in a nutshell, is one of the most compelling reasons to buy a home here.



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