Sterling Silver Roses

The most important aspect of gift giving as a luxury real estate marketing professional is understanding who your client is. l In conversing with anyone, it is easy to listen for the clues of things they like:hobbies they are involved in or ideas they are passionate about.  These listening moments are a guarantee to finding the perfect gift that keeps giving.

When we were active in commercial real estate on the Westside of Los Angeles, many of our clients were avid gardeners.  The majority of them loved roses growing in their gardens.  Our gift to them was a selection of the newest species of roses from Jackson Perkins.  This year, they have 6 new varieties including a wonderful purple rose called Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as its companion rose, Chardonnay.  They usually ship them in bareroot form this time of the year.  As the ground warms up you can have them shipped in pots.

On our monthly journey to Los Angeles, we ocasionally see these clients/friends and they will inevitably bring up the subject of the roses we have given them.  They remark how they always think of us, when they cut them and bring them in to their home or place of business.  They will comment on the exceptional quality and quantity of the blooms, etc.

We always made a point of discovering our clients personal preferences, so that we could send a gift that would say we understood who they are, and that alone reminded them of us.  Our coffee experts were sent an annual subscription to some of the world's rarest coffees, and the same for the tea drinkers.

If you give someone what they really are interested in, you are a great gift giver.  A great gift comes from listening to another person, and making a note under their name in your records.  It is so much fun to see someone's smile, and say" Thanks, this is one the best gifts, I have ever received."


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