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The interactive mobile experience can radically change your perception of a brand.  You can stand out from your competition, as a luxury real estate marketing professional if you embrace the new mobile media.  The key is to respect your visitor’s time and their autonomy.

The mobile iPad App for Hyundai’s Equus is a case in point.  Up until now this Korean automotive company has stood for economy cars in the minds of their target market.  So, how do they create a perception shift for their new luxury model?  It is worth downloading the free Equus App to experience this shift yourself.  

The interactivity that they have created engages you and puts you behind the wheel of this car. You can also change the color of the exterior.  You can “push” (touch) the Start button, and take it for a test drive as the video is presented.

 Now is the time to immerse yourself in the language of luxury mobile media.  Learn how to speak to your clientele through this media and become fluent in it before your competition does. 



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