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Become the Iconic Brand of Your Marketplace

If you have not refreshed your brand in the last seven years, now is the time!  Creating a brand identity symbolized by an iconic logo can give you a terrific competitive advantage in your luxury real estate marketing practice.  

Think of the iconic logos that have been engrained in your psyche as you have grown up.  If you see a silhouette of a large solid black circle with two smaller black circles connected at the top left and top right of the larger one what comes to mind immediately?  How about a black and white silhouette of a rabbit with a bow tie or a black “check mark” against a white background or an apple with a bite missing?  You did not need details or color to recognize Mickey Mouse, the Playboy Bunny, the Nike Swoosh or the Apple logo. It is this instant brand recognition that makes a logo iconic.

How long did it take you to recognize the museum depicted above?  This is the Guggenheim museum in New York, Frank Lloyd Wright’s last major work. Like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the shape alone is iconic.  It took Wright 700 drawings to create this masterpiece of modern architecture that polarized architectural critics and thus created tremendous buzz. 

Although the museum is not a logo, we purposely intensified the contrast in the Guggenheim image to illustrate this extremely important principle:  If your logo can communicate the essence of your brand identity in black and white, like a silhouette, without much detail you are heading in the right direction.  If it can be remembered quickly, after the passage of time, by your target market, with minimal previous impressions, you have a potential “hit” on our hands.  

One glance at the Guggenheim and the impression becomes indelible in your mind. This is the ultimate goal in creating a brand identity, providing that the identity precisely communicates your authentic essence, what you stand for. The better the brand identity the fewer impressions it takes for consumers to achieve brand retention.  

Whether you need a complete brand identity make-over or are ready to refresh your brand understand the incredible opportunity to secure the competitive advantage by making an indelible impression.  Don’t be afraid to become the iconic brand of your marketplace.



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