Q:  Here is a question we sometimes hear when we are crafting a personal brand identity for clients who market luxury real estate: What is more important:  Whether I really like it or my friends and family like it?

A:  Here is our answer:  Your brand identity, meaning your logo and overall graphic brand package, must be a reflection of the essence of your personal priority values and it must resonate with the priority values of your target market.   People who are more self-referred will attract others who share this priority value. The same applies to those who rely more on other’s opinions.

So you see, there is no right answer for everyone. As two predominantly self-referred individuals this was an important lesson to learn for us when advising our clients.  It is something to keep in mind when you are advising your luxury real estate buyers and sellers.

Some people tend to defer more to the opinions of others around them, especially those who are close to them, rather than being more self-referred.  This is fine, if keeping the peace creates a more tranquil environment that is actually empowering.  One tendency is not better than the other if the net result is personal empowerment in the long run.  When the “waters” are tranquil around you, your reflections are the clearest and so is your personal brand signal.

For some, asserting their own opinion is not worth the strife it can cause in their immediate environment. If there is discord around you because the opinions of others are causing interference with your brand signal you may be disempowered. Keeping the peace does not necessarily mean you are losing your personal identity.  It means that standing firm is less important at a given point in time when taking everything into consideration.  

Here is a better way of looking at this question: Is your brand identity, doing its job as a silent salesperson for you?   What sells you the most is your own clear brand signal.

People like to do business with people like themselves. Discover your own priority values and you will be sure to attract an abundance of clients with like values.