In luxury real estate marketing, the first impression of your collateral materials, your web site and your messaging should exude luxury.  However, it is the attention to details that solidify the impression and make it eminently clear that you speak the language of luxury fluently.

Truth is in the details.    A diamond in the rough definitely has hints of brilliance.  When it is cut, faceted, and polished that evidence becomes indisputable as the light will shine through it and attest to its beauty.  Each facet is a detail precisely cut to reflect the beauty of the stone.

Details either affirm the luxury or point out that it is an imitation.  Art appraisers look for details to authenticate or dismiss a work of art.  Luxury is attention to details, it is craftsmanship. This is what makes a luxury item valuable.

Alexandra’s maternal grandmother was the head finish seamstress for Coco Chanel.  She was in charge of embroidery, hand stitching button holes, and hems.  Hems had to be invisible to look right. This took time and skill and gave the clothing item one of the details of luxury.    

When dealing with a luxury clientele you need to be well versed in the details of luxury.   Educating yourself on every aspect of what makes a luxury home is key to your success.  It is the very thing that will inspire confidence in your clients and will assure them that they have made the right choice.


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