Brand personality is a concept that you need to pay close attention to as a luxury real estate marketing professional, especially if you want to stand out from your completion in an instant. You only have a nano-second to make an indelible first impression on your target market. Before, you can present your extraordinary promise of value in words you must first capture their attention, visually.  Clearly expressing your authentic brand personality graphically (as a brand identity) can do just that. Here is a flawless brand case study that demonstrates the power of a clearly articulating your brand personality.

Certainly, you have heard the expression that you cannot compare apples with oranges. But, when you are comparing oranges with oranges how can you make your oranges stand out from all others and become the preferred brand?  This is the same question that you need to ask yourself about your own luxury real estate marketing brand or your company’s brand.

The Competition:

Standing out is exactly what California Cuties have done.  Cuties are actually two varieties of mandarins: Clementine Mandarins and Murcott Mandarins. They are not “little oranges.”  They are in a class unto themselves.  

However, Cuties has positioned their fruit as small oranges that can be handled equally well by small kids and adults, even though they make it clear right in the logo that they are California Clementines.  What is Cuties primary competition?  The answer is the large orange that adults have to peel for small children.

Brand Personality

Oranges do not have an intrinsic personality.  But, small oranges that are sweet can be “cute”. Other Mandarins have seeds. But,  Cuties are seedless, making them even more attractive than other Mandarins.

The Logo & Tag Line (Brand Identity): 

L’il Zipper is depicted as an adorable orange that can quickly be peeled or “unzipped”.  With vivid colors, it provides an immediate emotional response while conveying its extraordinary promise of value (as distinct from the larger orange) in an instant:  sweet, easy to handle, easy to peel.

The tagline further conveys the unique selling proposition:  E-Z Peel & Seedless.  They know they have successfully branded their product when consumers ask for Cuties vs. oranges or Mandarins.  Cuties means small, sweet, seedless organges that are easy to peel. When Cuties are requested instead of the fruit category (seedless Mandarins) the branding process is complete in the same way people ask for a Kleenex instead of a facial tissue.

The Unique Selling Proposition

If you check out their expanded written message you can see that the logo summarizes the essence of the unique selling proposition in a glance:

Cuties have several distinct characteristics that make them the perfect anytime, anywhere snack. Unlike other Mandarins or oranges, they are:

  • Super Sweet Always 100% natural.
  • E-Z Peel Kids can do it all by themselves!
  • Seedless Nothing to spit out or clean up!
  • Kid-Sized Perfect for little hands.

Can you articulate your unique selling proposition, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, in just a few words, like this?  Does your brand identity communicate the essence of your unique selling proposition?  Does your brand personality capture the attention of your target market in a nano-second so they will take more time to learn more about your unique selling proposition?

You do not need to be cute to capture attention. But, your own, authentic personality must shine through your brand identity when it is expressed graphically. It must tell the essence of the story about YOU and how you are different from your closest competitors.


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