As a luxury real estate marketing professional, it is important that you get your marketing message laser sharp. You must speak to your target market in a language that they understand using words that resonate precisely with their mindset.  The faster you can communicate your extraordinary promise of value in a way that addresses their most pressing needs the quicker they will want to do business with you. 

Apart from referrals, open houses and yard signs, your website is the place where most consumers discover you for the first time.  Does your website instantly communicate who you are, how you are different and how you stand out from your competition?  Think of your website as a retail store.  Does your site compel people to walk in to discover more?

We walked by the window of the Louis Vuitton store in Santa Barbara, California on Thanksgiving weekend,  one of the most important weekends of the year for retailers. After “scratching our heads”, wondering what this was all about we just had to take a photo and write this post about messaging. 

You can see what we saw in the window depicted above.  An elephant  doing an “hand stand” on a plank that is balanced on a ball with a designer purse on the opposite end of the plank lifting the elephant. What message does convey to you? Does it make you want to enter the store to shop?  Does it make you want to buy that particular item? To whom are they attempting to communicate?

Unless this store is a destination for you because you already know the brand and you intend to shop there for the Holidays, this is a huge missed opportunity to draw in new customers. Window design is an art form in luxury retail stores throughout Europe.  With so much competition for attention you only have seconds to capture the the attention of prospective customers. How can you expect to increase sales if you cannot draw customers in the store in the first place.

The same applies to marketing luxury real estate and to marketing YOU.  Get your messaging spot on and you will dramatically see an increase fin the number of prospects that convert to clients and sales.


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