This is Part #1 of a new blog series on The Three Luxury Real Estate Marketing Keys for Personal Branding: Define. Align. Refine!

For luxury real estate marketing professionals the process of self-definition is the starting point for creating a personal brand. In subsequent posts in this series we will cover how self definition and personal alignment lead to being centered and focused which is the prerequisite for refining your competitive advantage. In order to begin creating a successful marketing strategy that effortlessly attracts your target audience, take some time to complete these self-defining exercises:

1. Define your core values and your beliefs. This is the time to be honest with you. These are not the values or beliefs you think you should have because somebody will like you better for it. You will no doubt come up with many of these; however, it is important to identify the most important ones to you. Some values and beliefs are more cherished than others. What do you stand for?

2. Define your authentic personality and your passions. This is not what others think your personality is. It is not what you think you should be or have to fix. What makes your heart sing? How can you use that passion to create an avenue to better relate to others?

3. Define your unique talents and abilities. Everyone one of us has a unique blend of talents. It is your DNA. What can you do better than anyone else in your marketplace?

This is not a process to rush through. Take your time, deliberate. Check out each answer by questioning it thoroughly. You will know the process is done when you can articulate your answers to all of the questions above in one clear paragraph that says it all.


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