This is the beginning of a new article series for luxury real estate marketing professionals who have embraced the personal quest of gaining or sustaining market leadership.  Here we cover the “inner game” of market leadership. 

We have all heard or experienced firsthand that winning the game of golf or tennis, or sports in general, is more mental than physical.  True, it is important to have the right physical attributes required to win.  But, what matters most, the determining factor for beating a worthy opponent is mindset. In marketing luxury real estate anyone with the means can outspend their competition. But, out-thinking your opponent requires tremendous focus and momentum.

Cultivating and maintaining peak performance in business and in life involves having the right attitude which is the starting point of the inner game. It also requires the alignment of your thoughts and inspired (vs. effortful) action.  A negative attitude diminishes your perspective. It is the indication that your thoughts are not aligned. Effortful action follows the misalignment of thought.

Your attitude is a reflection of your belief in yourself or lack thereof. If you do not believe you can become the market leader or if you believe that you cannot hold on to the leadership position that you have achieved it will taint every other thought you have about your luxury real estate practice.

The bottom line on gaining and sustaining market leadership comes down to sustaining the “I Can” belief overtime, without allowing the contradiction of that thought to have any power.  Like the children’s story, “The Little Engine that Could”, it is a matter of creating a focused momentum of belief, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”.  Then, you must notice and appreciate any and all evidence of progress that supports this belief, until you can say “I thought I could”, I thought I could, I thought I could”.

Again, the experience of achieving this state of mind necessitates total concentration.  That is, ignoring those who may attempt to distract you, discourage you, or try to convince you that you are not worthy of success.  Additionally, there is almost a magnetic pull that you must defy, a pull to conform to mediocrity, a pull to not change the status quo. But, once you break free of this “force field”, another magnetic force field draws you nearer to your goal. That is when momentum propels you faster with even less effort.

You are never too old to listen to the wisdom and optimism of that story about the momentum of belief in yourself.  It is a key component in the inner game of market leadership.


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