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In luxury real estate marketing and branding, "the truth is in the details".  Refinement, subtlety and simplicity are often the benchmark of sophistication and brilliant design.  Studying the most highly recognized brands in the world often yields great insights.  Take Giorgio Armani, for example.

Giorgio Armani is, perhaps, one of the world's most famous names and international luxury brands. Take a close look at the details in the logo. At first glance the logo appears to be very simple. It is a single font that is spaced close together. At first glance the logo appears to be almost ordinary. 

Now look at how each of the letters in the name Armani itself connect at the bottom or at the top. Notice that that is not the case in his first name. These extremely clean lines that you also find in most of his clothes design are mirrored here in a very subtle manner.

Alexandra discovered Giorio Armani in small article in Vogue magazine well before his clothes were world renown. We decided to visit his boutique in Milan while we were on a reconnaissance mission.  Our job was to discover possible tenants for a Beverly Hills retail property that we were handling as commercial real estate brokers.  Alexandra asked the taxi driver to take us to Giorgio Armani’s (she speaks Italian) and we were driven to his appartment! She finally was able to explain that we wanted to visit his store.  He obviously was not very famous at that point ourside of Milan.

While Alexandra was trying on several items of clothing at the store, a gentleman insisted that Ron try on an outfit that was comprised of a tweed sportcoat, a check shirt and a striped tie which seemed to fly in the face of every sensible American design principle.  Much to Ron’s surprise it all worked together. That was the end of traditional design in his wardrobe; no more pinstripe suits and wingtip shoes, the uniform of commercial real estate brokers in Los Angeles, then.

The discovery of fine Italian clothing opened both sets of our eyes to the importance of quality design in branding.   It was part of what set our brand apart, as a husband and wife real estate team, from our competition.  As niche market leaders in high end retail and also in entertainment industry office leasing and sales, this was one of our first lessons in branding:  The truth is in the details.


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