Forget-Me-Not Flowers

As a luxury real estate marketing professional, it can take a considerable investment of time, energy and often money to acquire a new client. The key is to keep that client raving about your service long after you have worked with them, to insure a steady flow of referral business.  This involves creating a superior client experience in the first place. What does it take to accomplish this? In three words it takes: Client Experience Management.

Do you have a Client Lifecycle Strategy for managing a rich client experience  during the transaction and also for retaining your clients?  You must have a strategy for being memorable and staying  "top-of-mind".  Most agents are focused on “farming” their marketplace for new business, which is a good thing.  But, to be a true market leader you also need to cultivate new relationship by tending to existing ones and planting perennial “forget-me-nots”.

What do clients want to experience the most in a relationship with you?

1.    They want to feel cared for.
2.    They want to feel remembered.
3.    They want to feel accepted.  
4.    They want to feel uplifted.
5.    They want to feel understood.

Here are some more  questions that you should ask yourself:

  1. Have I asked them for permission to stay in touch?
  2. How often should you stay in touch with them after the sale? 
  3. What are the best methods for staying in touch?
  4. How can I show them that I still care?
  5. How can I continue to contribute to them

Every one of the above questions actually presents a way to differentiate yourself from your competition, to stand out from the crowd.  In marketing luxury real estate client retention is of paramount importance. Be sure you come up with answers that are uniquely your own. 


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