Studying the pursuits of your clients is extremely important to your success as a luxury real estate marketing professional.  Although this may not apply to all of your clients or to all luxury real estate markets, the quest to possess the finest and the rarest objects in the world is definitely one of the exciting sports of high net worth individuals.

For those of you and your clients who fancy fine champagne, here is some interesting news. A group of divers exploring a ship wreck in the Baltic Sea happened upon a bottle of champagne that is believed to be produced in the late 18th century.  It could very well be the oldest champagne in the world!

The divers were hoping to determine the year the ship sank by dating the champagne.  Experts believed that, based on the shape of the bottle, it was made in the late 18th century.  They were 98% certain that it was one of the first vintages of Veuve-Clicquot that was established in 1772.

Remarkably, when the bottle was opened, it was drinkable and retained its very small bubbles.  It was suggested that the vessel was most likely on its way to St. Petersburg, which was then the capital of  Tsarist Russia.

Researching those subjects that interest your clients the most and then speaking their language can make the difference between getting the listing or not.  Knowledge is not just power.  It can translate  into gold. 

Speaking of gold, you may also be interested that a white gold covered 3 liter bottle, a jeroboam, of Dom Perignon sold for $17,000 in 2008.  At the time, it was the most expensive bottle of champagne in the world.

Dive deeper into the pursuits of your high net worth clients.  This is a requirement for those of you who seek to achieve top-of-mind status in your luxury real estate marketplace.


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